Quick Facts

Full Name: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)
Capital City: Addis Ababa
Location: Horn of Africa (South of the Red Sea region)
Administrative Division: 9 ethnically based regional states and two city administrations.
Independence: Oldest independent country in Africa & one of the oldest in the world (more than 2000 years
Coastal Line: 0 km (landlocked)
Boundaries: border countries , Djibouti & Somalia (the East) Kenya ( the south) , Eritrea (the North), Sudan (the West)
Major Languages: Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna , Somali, Guragina
Area: 1.13 million square k.m (437,794 square miles)
Population : 80 million
Major Religion: Christianity, Islam
Elevation: Extremes lowest point-Dallol(-125m), highest point- Ras Dejen (4620m)
Terrain: High plateau with central mountain range divided by the great rift valley
Natural Resources: Gold, platinum, copper, potash, hydropower, natural gas, and many more.
GNI Per Capita: USD $ 280 (world Bank -2008)
Monetary Unit: 1 Birr = 100 cents
Internet Domain: .et
International Dialing Code: + 251
Life Expectancy: 54 years (men) , 56 years (women) (UN)
Economy: Agriculture (47%), Service (41%), Industry (12%)
Industries: Found processing, beverages, textiles, chemicals, cement, metal processing
Electricity: Hydroelectric
Export Partners: Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Japan , Djibouti, China
Import Partners: China, Saudi Arabia ,Germany, Belgium, US